Brad & Julie Leszczynski

If it wasn’t for Diana’s help with our mortgage, we’d still be paying 7.0% to the bank. In a conversation with her I explained how recently starting my business left my income status too low for any bank to refinance me…and believe me, I talked with 3 different mortgage brokers about it! Diana explained the HARP refinance program to me and provided me with contacts to help with the process. All of her contacts were knowledgeable, helpful, and responsive. With a little bit of information my loan was in progress and I dropped from 7 to 4.25% saving me $800 / month. I can’t thank her enough. I have also passed her information along to friends of mine who all have great things to say. If you’re looking for a home or just need advice about real estate, your mortgage… whatever, you should definitely call her today!

— Brad & Julie Leszczynski