Chris Daniels

What can I say but THANK YOU! Although it doesn’t seem like it’s enough for all the work you have put into my very tough deal. I am truly blessed to have had you as my agent. The pressure was overwhelming at times. I know many other agents who would have given up on me after the initial phone call. Everyone looks at foreclosures & short sales & thinks “Wow we can save a lot of money, this is great!” (I guess if you can sit through all the red tape for months & months waiting for the whole deal to implode at a moments notice for a million different reasons, & if you can withstand the constant running around to obtain all the paperwork & things that are needed to get it done, then YES there is a silver lining.) BUT if you don’t have a good solid real estate agent who picks up the phone, or gets on the road in a split second when something must be done, you don’t stand a chance! Thanks for all your efforts Diana! Most real estate agents would have passed this one by. I know there wasn’t a pot of gold in it for you on this deal but you sure gave me 110% like there was one! You never gave up; you were with me every step of the way. Thanks for staying on top of everything & guiding me through this painstaking ordeal. Good job! You truly love your work & it shows. I would do it all over again as long as I knew you were on the team!

— Chris Daniels